Non-Electric Pellet Stove

The Wiseway Pellet Stove eliminates the need for electricity by utilizing a natural gravity feed system it also eliminates all the mechanical breakdown and expensive maintenance that has been the norm with other Pellet Stoves.

This stove is the first and only EPA certified and UL listed Non Electric Pellet Stove on the market today. Wiseway Pellet Stove accomplishes an overall efficiency rating of 75%.

Impressive is its ability to heat from 800 to 2000 square feet of living space.  A 40lb bag of pellets will last up to 31 hours on low or 12 hours on high.

Wiseway pellet stove is a perfect way to heat any Dwelling, Home, Mobile Home, Shop, Garage, Patio, Business or Tent. There's even a wheel attachment for those that have the need to move it around or outside to different locations.

This stove won't let you down in the next storm or emergency when you need a heat source you can rely on.

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Dealerships are available in many areas.  Join the power free movement ( independence from power companys ) is the goal.

Inquire today and see how you can help family and friends become self sufficient and independant while staying warm and cozy all winter.




They Do Exist

they do exist 

Unlike Big Foot who is still being sought, this Non-Electric Pellet Stove does exist. Wiseway Gravity Feed  Non- Electric Pellet Stove has been

located and now is keeping homes warm and toasty were ever they are installed independent of

the need for electricty. The Wiseway stove is fast becoming the pellet stove of choice by successfully

accomplishing what many expected from other pellet stoves and were soon dissapointed when they failed

to work in a power outage and were prone to many mechanical break downs and operating issues the noise they make.

Wiseway pellet stoves are the quitest stove on the markek no blower no auger. For those wanting a blower one can be added, or by utilizing the echo fan that also operates with

no need for electricity is a great option. The stove retails up to $2199.00 depending on your location. Special offer of $1899.00 delivered in the U.S. to a buisness address or truck dock order here. 

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