Wiseway Stove Accessories

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WS10000 Warming Shelf
The Warming Shelf bolts onto the Wiseway to provide a heating surface for steaming or warming up cold gloves. Finish is only primed and hardware is not included. $69 Warming Shelf
2-00-773850-10 Cleanout Scraper Tool
Eventually the extra ash should be cleaned out of the burn chamber, this tool makes it easy! These are 14 inches long. $19 Scraper
WJ10000 Water Jacket
Attach a water pump to these Jackets and heat up your water! $149 Water Jacket
812 Airmax Ecofan
The Ecofan starts automatically when placed on top of a stove and adjusts its speed with the stove temperature. $159 Ecofan
EB10000 Electic Blower
Heat activated, two speed high/low output blower made by Regency. Requires 120 volt AC $369 Blower