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Wiseway Stove

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Introducing the Wiseway Pellet Stove, a new way to heat your home. This stove has taken the wood stove’s natural draft and incorporated the use of manufactured fuel to give you a precise measured heat value and a continuous burner feed system. The Wiseway Pellet Stove heats your home with zero electricity by utilizing a natural gravity feed system giving you an affordable alternative heating system. It features a silent operation: absolutely no blower or operation noise. Don’t wait for a power outage, be safe and comfortable with this non-electric patented pellet stove.



The airflow created by an Ecofan can help you feel the heat from your wood stove faster. Ecofans are designed to sit on top of a free standing wood stove and create their own electricity without using any household energy or batteries. The fan starts automatically when placed on top of a stove and adjusts its speed with the stove temperature. As the stove heats up, the Ecofan runs faster. As the stove cools down, the fan slows and automatically shuts off. The designs have evolved from the original Canadian invention to the current models to provide greater efficiency and maximum airflow.
* Metal Snips needed to make a slot in the sheet metal.

Electric Blower


Heat activated, two speed high/low output blower made by Regency. Requires 120 volt AC and two sheet metal screws.