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Water Jacket

Started by fplimp@gmail.com, April 14, 2019, 12:34:14 pm

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Planning to use my Wiseway for a hot tub (maybe 600 gal???).  Not wild about the snorkel wood stoves, eager to try pellets for ease of use during heat up.
1. How much of the 40,000 BTU output goes to the jacket?
2. Can you use 2 or 3 water jackets (one on each zig zag of the stove)?
3. The reference to heating 100 gal of water to 160 degrees, is that with a pump or just thermal convection, and over what time period?
4. Should I consider creating a custom jacket to draw out the max amount of BTUs?


1: Without consulting a mechanical engineer, I would say possibly 5,000 BTU out of 40,000 gets drawn out while the water is still cold. As the water heats up the jackets will draw less BTUs.

2: You can use 3 water jackets, we have 2 installed as shown in the attached picture.

3: I don't know what reference you are referring to but in the picture we are using thermal convection, the two jackets heat up our 20 gallon tank in a couple hours.

4: If you have the ability to create a custom jacket, go for it!
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