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July 03, 2020, 09:41:09 am

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General Discussion / Where is the Wiseway manufactured?
February 20, 2019, 12:24:22 pm
The Wiseway was designed, engineered and developed in Oregon, USA and is now backed by American customer service at one of the oldest American stove manufacturers, US Stove Company. They are manufactured in China.
Some pellets are horrible for ash deposits. In normal cases, ash does build up in the tubes and it needs to be cleaned. Do this once a year, or when you notice cooler temperature. You will need to take the flu off and go in from the top with an ash vacuum and try to knock it all out, then come in from the burn chamber area to get everything left over.
No, electric heat guns simply do not get hot enough.

Auto-ignite propane torches are sold everywhere and are very inexpensive. During startup of the stove that the propane torch should be used to heat up the stove pipe before igniting the pellets in order to initiate a good draft.
No 8" pipe.

A 6" chimney is not ideal either as this stove does not produce enough combustion to sufficiently heat the air volume in a large pipe. To generate a good draft, the initial torch burn to get it started would be too much. It would be best to run 4" pipe inside your current chimney.
The fresh air intake port is on the back of the stove. The intake connects to the outside wall and needs to be within 3'. The fresh air intake port has a 3" diameter.

Fresh air intake allows the stove to run properly.
General Discussion / Is the Wiseway smokeless?
February 19, 2019, 11:47:56 am
The initial burn will be curing the paint. If you cannot perform your first burn outdoors, you will want to open your windows. Other than the first burn there is no smoke or smell. COPD folks might reconsider using solid fuel heat.
General Discussion / Does this have a thermostat?
February 19, 2019, 11:33:04 am
No thermostat and no electricity.
You can control the heat with the draft. A couple hundred degrees up or down.
A more efficient burn occurs with higher temperatures.
You can manually turn the stove off by shutting the feed door. After closing, it will take awhile to finish burning the remaining pellets.

Installation Discussion / Can the vent be angled down?
February 19, 2019, 11:29:12 am
No down angles. For every 2 horizontal feet, put 8 feel of vertical pipe on top. Go as high as possible before doing a horizontal run. There are no blowers on this stove, it is designed to use a draft like a wood stove. It will not work at all without a good draft. You can go outside of the house. The chimney needs to be installed above the roof line.
Premium hardwood pellets with low ash content.

The stove was designed to run Douglas Fir Pellets. They burn the cleanest with the highest heat output.
Please use 4" double wall pipe.

The Wiseway stove has a 3" outlet at the top but you should use a 3" to 4" stove adapter right away and use 4" double wall pipe all the way up.

When the pellets burn, the ash will fall down though the burn basket to a secondary burn plate where the ash finishes burning and turns to dust. The dust falls through the secondary burn plate into the ash bucket

When a pellet drops room becomes available in the burn basket and it is refilled via gravity.
No. The Wiseway only burns wood pellets.
Yes as long as clearances are maintained.
Smokey's Stoves has a cleaning kit, thermoelectric fan, electric fan, scraper tool, waterjacket, and warming shelves available.

You can see the accessories here:
No, the Wiseway should use a 4" pellet vent.
Yes of 3/8" non-combustible material and 31" x 48" minimum.

2” from back of stove which is the pellet hopper

The Wiseway exhaust is about 52" high. It would need to sit outside a masonry fireplace.
Aftermarket Accessories / Water Jacket attachment
February 14, 2019, 11:19:38 am
Eventually a complete water jacket kit will be available but for now the jackets are individually available and are $149 each.

Replacement Parts / Burn Baskets Burning Out
February 14, 2019, 10:59:06 am
A couple ways to prevent burn out is to keep the tip of the torch just inside the burn chamber when initially lighting. There is no need to put the burning torch right up against the burn basket and pellets. Doing this gets the burn basket steel bright red and compromises the durability of the metal.

In addition, aim the torch flame down under the pellets in the basket not at the pellets. You aim under to primarily to heat up the pipe and initiate the draft while also lighting only the very bottom pellets in the basket.

Besides this, make sure the pellets are not building up on the secondary burn plate and smoldering the burn basket in a pile of pellets.

Any other tips, please let me know!