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straight line venting

Started by SHEEP, April 08, 2019, 09:50:55 am

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Dear folks, I see the recommendations for having a straight vertical line for the whole venting system. Is this 100% necessary? I am looking at replacing our old single walled Warner wood stove with a Wiseway. We have a 3 story masonry and cinder block chimney that extends 4 ft above the roof and has a really really good draw. Looks to me like the wiseway flue would need 2 30 degree bends over less than 2 ft of pipe to get to the thimble. Does this sound OK?


Sounds like it will work great! Go straight up off the top as high as you can. Then for every two horizontal feet, put eight vertical feet on top. 30 degree elbow would probably just count as part of the straight pipe.

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