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Will this work in a house that is only approx 1000sqf?

Started by warreng5995, September 08, 2020, 10:03:44 pm

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Hi, I know this will heat up to 2000+sqf... but will it turn down low enough by opening the flue (and still burn correctly) for a house that is only approx 1000sqf? It does have high ceilings.
Would the "low temp basket" be needed? What would the burn time be with the low temp basket?
Also since we have a 6" double wall chimney, would this have to be adapted down to a...??



Hi! You should put in the v-basket and it should turn down enough and yet keep drawing. If it doesn't want to keep drawing then add more pipe. The burn time is hard to determine, an extra two feet of pipe or a hill by the side of your house can affect the draw. I would go right through your 6" with the 4" pellet pipe.

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