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Need to Connect or Pass through 6" wood stove Chimney Pipe

Started by warreng5995, October 17, 2020, 08:13:08 pm

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October 17, 2020, 08:13:08 pm Last Edit: October 17, 2020, 08:16:45 pm by warreng5995
Hi, I just purchased a Wiseway Pellet stove a few weeks ago ;D. Have questions....

The Stove exhaust is 3", but from what I've read if my chimney is more than 12 ft, I need to adapt that up to 4" pipe for a better draft? Right? I'm assuming that the 3" to 4" adapter would be connect directly to the top of the stove??

The wood stove chimney in our home (which we installed about 6 years ago) is a 6" ID double wall pipe. It's about 16ft from the stove itself, through the ceiling, and up to the cap.

I've looked at the different Install options that are listed in the manual. And I'm currently trying to figure out a couple things.

#1 I'm already pretty sure I can't do this method, and that is to just adapt a 4" pellet pipe to the 6" wood stove pipe. As in run 4" up to the ceiling, then install a 4" to 6" adapter. Yes, I know this is easily done with the pipe itself. But from what I've read connecting the Wiseway to a 6" pipe may slow the draft too much? If it won't slow the draft too much, this would be the easy choice as all I would need is a couple pipes and an adapter.

#2 If I can't adapt to the 6" pipe. Then I guess my next choices are either to:
*A - Go through the wall? Not sure if that is better?? As I've also read that (I think) I would still have to run more pipe to at least get it above my gutters?? If I have to get it above the roof then this is obviously no good, as the current chimney would work better / easier.

**B - Or to run a 4" pipe all the way up through the existing 6" chimney.

If I run through (or connect to) my current wood stove 6" chimney. Then because of this stoves design, and the location in the ceiling of our current chimney, I will have to use two 45 degree elbows (or 90 degree elbows which I'm assuming would be worse?) in order to move the stove out away from the wall and corner of the room, as it would be blocked in and not accessible.

As the chimney connection in the ceiling is to close to the wall to run the pipe straight up from the stove. Especially since it is also in the corner of the room, we have to turn the Wiseway diagonal to the corner, in order to be able to access the firebox, ash pan and ect, and also to load pellets. Since the exhaust exit on the stove is also on that same side, it just moves it further from the chimney connection in the ceiling.

Also if I go this route, I haven't be able to find any "adapter" plates that would allow a 4" double wall pellet pipe to PASS THROUGH (not connect to) the current 6" ceiling box.
I would need one such "adapter" for the inside of the house where the ceiling box is. Then I would need another I guess for the top of the chimney. Do these exist?? Do I need to make my own adapters?? Or is there another better method??

Also what about the chimney cap? Do I stay with the 6" cap, or do I need a 4" cap??

Any help would be greatly appreciated! As I'm going to need this stove up and running in just a couple weeks.



Yes, use 3" to 4" adapter right above the stove. I never suggest using 3" pipe but I never have used it. I would go through your 6" using the two 45s. As far as the boxes to cover up the 6", I think normal 4" flashing will work on the roof and for the ceiling wouldn't the 4" box cover up the 6" pipe? You will have to use a metal cutter to mod the shape of both if you want them symmetrical. I am just a fan and user of the wiseway, I created this site for users to help other users but so far I am the only one answering.

Use a 4" cap with the 4" pipe and 4" flashing to cover up the 6" pipe on the roof. Use the two 45s and a 4" box to cover the 6" pipe inside. Please take pictures and send them to this post with details when you are finished for others to use.

If you are interested, here is product catalog PDF for pellet pipe, there are 4 to 6 adapters but I don't see a pass through other than just using a normal box and cutting a hole if necessary.

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Hey Jaron! You're just a fan and you made this site?? :o  I thought this was the "official" wiseway forum!  ;D Might as well be, not a lot of info out there on this stove. Most of what I have been able to find is just "infomercials" so to speak, which were fine when I was looking for general info on the stove. Installation is a different game though.

Anyway, Thanks for all the tips, and for the PDF. I think going through the original 6" chimney with the two 45's is the way to go too. Guess I'll still need to cut a hole in the wall for a fresh air intake... which I also still have to purchase.
And Yes, I'll try to take some pics and post them when its complete.

Thanks for the reply and info,


Uhmm... Here is another question...
On the Exterior, Does the Vent Pipe have to extend all the way above the peak of the house roof? like a wood stove normally does?? Or once thorough the roof, can it just go up a foot or two??
Why I ask, I saw some diagrams from Pellet Vent Pro, which seem to show it just going "at least" 12 inches from the roof surface where it passes through. They said nothing about the roof peak or ect.


Yes just a fan but I worked at Smokey's Stoves for two years. I think you need both, to be over 12" above the roof and also above or farther than 12' away from the peak which may actually be a local code for venting solid fuel.

Unless you are in Canada or a mobile home, you don't need fresh air intake.
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Ok, so if the top of the chimney is more than 12' away from the roof horizontally... Hummm...

I was asking about this because we have a steep roof... whoever built this small house (30W x 40L) put a 7/12 pitch roof (or around there) on it for whatever reason. No way to walk on it as its too steep, and its a metal roof too so its slippery. And because the roof is so steep, for the chimney to go all the way up above the peak, makes it ridiculously tall. We had to build a wooden platform, which we haul up a ladder with a rope thrown over the house and pulled from the other side, just so we can stand on the platform in order to reach the top of the chimney so we could clean it with a rods and wire brush.

From what I understand from what I have been researching... On our wood stoves (we've have tried 2 different ones here due to the issues), because the chimney is so tall (to get enough distance between it and the roof) and because the chimney is located on the outer wall instead of toward to the roof peak (like shown in the attacked diagram... ours would be the X one),
You cannot see attachments on this board.

this leaves a large portion of the chimney exposed outside above the roof. Even though the pipes are all double wall, the amount of pipe exposed to the cold causes the smoke to cool faster and in turn causes creosote to build up in the chimney very quickly.  At times we had to clean the chimney pipes about every 3 weeks because they would be so much build up the stove just wouldn't burn. Its one thing to clean the chimney once a season when you can pick the best day to do so, its about a 2 hour job. But it really sucks to clean it every 3 weeks or so, especially when its freezing, snow, raining, and/or windy, and the house is cold because the stove won't burn. Have had a wood stove at most of the places we have lived... never had so many issues until this house with this chimney.

We are hoping the pellet stove would solve this issue with the creosote build up, as they produce far less than a wood stove. But now with realizing the problems with the chimney, I'm starting to wonder. I also had a bad head injury nearly 2 years ago, which has caused other health issues I've had to deal with ever since. One of which later caused me to severely break my leg about 14 months ago, which took two surgeries to "fix", but I still deal with pain daily. In anycase, I can't go to the woods gather, cut, and split firewood anymore. Hard enough to walk on a level floor at times, let alone taking a chance trying to climb over limbs, unlevel ground, or ect out in the woods. Anyway... this is another of the reasons we're switching to a pellet stove.

Wasn't sure about the fresh air intake. Never had one before on a wood burner before, but seemed like the manual and "pellet stove videos" said one was needed if a fresh air source wasn't within 24". Don't want to cut a hole in the wall if its not needed. This is the first pellet stove we've had, so a bit of a learning curve I guess.

Thanks again for the reply, if nothing else this gives me a reference I can come back too.


Once the wiseway gets going, a longer pipe will not be an issue, the 12' away horizontally from the roof or above the peak is critical for getting proper draw though. Probably especially with a steep roof it may block wind flow.
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